Sebelum memilih sepatu safety, berikut ada tips untuk memilih sepatu safety standard internasional

Protected Area Code Type of Protection
Steel Toe SB Toecap protection 200 joule
S1 SB + Closed Seat Region + A + E
S2 SB + Closed Seat Region + A + E + WRU
S3 SB + Closed Seat Region + A + E + WRU + P + Cleated outsole
Additional protections HRO Outsole resistance to hot contact up to 300 °C
P Penetration resistance offered by a steel midsole 1100 newtons
E Heel (seat region) energy absorption 20 joules
WRU Water penetration-resistant upper
CR Cut resistant upper
FO Resistance to fuel oil
WR Water resistance
M Metatarsal protection
AN Ankle protection
Electrical Properties C Conductive maximum resistance 100 kΩ
A Antistatic resistance range of 100 kΩ to 1000 MΩ
I Electrically insulating footwear
Resistance to inimical (hostile) environments CI Insulation against cold
HI Insulation against heat
Slip Resistant SRA slip resistant on ceramic tile wetted with dilute soap solution
SRB slip resistant on smooth steel with glycerol
SRC slip resistant under both the above conditions


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